Teen Mom Kailyn welcomed her 5th child with 4th baby daddy Elijah in November (2024)

TEEN Mom alum Kailyn Lowry quietlywelcomed her fifth child with her fourth baby daddy Elijah Scottwithout making any public announcement, a source has exclusively confirmed to The U.S. Sun.

Fans have speculated Kailyn, 31, gave birth to her fifth child with her live-in boyfriend after spotting a series of convincing social media clues.



A source close to the podcast host exclusively claimed to The U.S. Sun: “Kailyn gave birth to a baby boy on November 20 with Elijah.

“She has only told close family and friends.”

The baby boy joins big brothers Isaac, 13, who Kailyn shares with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera, Lincoln, 9, with ex-husband Javi Marroquin, and Lux, 5, and Creed, 2, with ex Chris Lopez.

A rep for Kailyn has not responded to The U.S. Sun’s request for comment.

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Teen Mom Kailyn welcomed her 5th child with 4th baby daddy Elijah in November (4)
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The pregnancy speculation began in July 2022 when Kailyn’s ex Chris, who she has a tumultuous co-parenting relationship with, tweeted: "Out here talking bout you'll beat me up now you know you gotta protect the belly stop it."

In that same month, The U.S. Sun obtained pictures ofKailyn looking tense outside of her Delaware homewith Elijah.

Fans claimed to have spotted a bump in the photos, as one commenter posted on Reddit: "Oh My God, Kailyn pics! Is she pregnant?"

A second wrote: "So every time there’s a rumor she may be pregnant it’s true. I’d put money on it that it’s true.”

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A third said: "I can’t wait for her fifth boy announcement.”

Then in September, The U.S. Sun obtained more unedited images of the starwith an apparent bump leaving a Wawaconvenience store in Delaware.

A month later, Kailyn was photographed running errands at Target and Hobby Lobby with her boyfriend.

In the photos, Kailyn wore a baggy graphic t-shirt with black leggings, as shecovered her stomachwith the oversized top.

In November, fans noticed a bump during the star’slate-night Wawa run with her sonLux.

One fanwrote on Reddit: "Kailyn spotted out! Looks like a bump to me.”

A second said: "I’m about 90% sure she’s pregnant.”

A third remarked: "She’s definitely pregnant. Anyone trying to pretend like she isn’t is just fooling themselves."

Then in January, after the insider claimed she gave birth, Kailyn appeared to have lost weight, as she showed off a slimmed-down figure.

The podcast host wore a loose-fitting graphic t-shirt with black pants and sneakers for the outing.





Throughout the alleged pregnancy, Kailynposted photos on social media either cutting off or covering up her stomach.

When Kailyn did share full-body images, she worebaggy hoodies and shirts.

For the last two weeks of November, Kailyn took off from herBaby Mamas No Dramapodcast.

Vee Rivera, Kailyn's co-host, explained her absence by saying she was taking a break to spend more time with her sons.

Just over a week after the source alleged she gave birth, Kailyn posted a video showing off the inside of her playroom.

Fans were convinced they could hearthe sound of a newborn babyin the background of the video.

Also in December, fansnoticed what looked like a baby car seatin the back of her video.

Kailyn posted a video of Creed impersonating Michael Jackson on Instagram in January.

Behind Creed is a fireplace with a glass panel that showed what appeared to be a baby bottle in the reflection.

Then earlier this week, Chris went off on his baby mama in a heated rant on Instagram.

He wrote: “You claim to be so real so raw but yet you got a whole newborn you should be focused on and yet your trying to create unnecessary drama to cover up that FACT.”

He also revealed the baby's name is allegedly Elijah Rio.


But the podcast host has denied the pregnancy rumors.

The former MTV starwent live on Instagram to chat with fansand answer questions.

She was asked about her rumored pregnancy, as well as if she would ever try to have a daughter.

The Pennsylvania native was quick to shut the conversation down, as she revealed: "I’m getting my tubes tied. I’m getting my tubes tied next month so that's gonna be a no.”

She added: "Never gonna try for a girl. Never gonna try for more kids."

She also responded to fans questioning her heavy breathing, saying: "I'm literally obese."

During an Instagram live in January, Kailyn wore a necklace that said “mom” with five initials.

Fans watching the live were convinced the necklace was a clue she welcomed a fifth child

Kailyn shot back to commenters: "Those who think the necklace is a dead giveaway, actually it's not.

"Because I also have five letters on my killr necklace so no, it's actually not a dead giveaway."


The U.S. Sun revealed in April 2022 that Kailyn wasdating her new neighbor Elijah.

Elijah is in the Army and has previously lived in Virginia and Hawaii, as he now resides in Delaware in Kailyn’s new mansion.

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Teen Mom Kailyn welcomed her 5th child with 4th baby daddy Elijah in November (13)
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Kailyn quit Teen Mom 2last season after 11 yearson the show.

She currently hosts successful podcasts Coffee Convos, Baby Mamas: No Drama and Barely Famous.




Teen Mom Kailyn welcomed her 5th child with 4th baby daddy Elijah in November (2024)
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