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FedEx Headquarters +98 office locations (Updated 2024) (1)FedEx Headquarters +98 office locations (Updated 2024) (2)FedEx Headquarters +98 office locations (Updated 2024) (3)FedEx Headquarters +98 office locations (Updated 2024) (4)

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FedEx Corp. (NYSE: F.D.X.) offers a diverse range of transportation, e-commerce, and enterprise services to consumers and companies worldwide. With $79 billion in revenues, the company provides integrated technology solutions through running companies that compete together, collaborate, and innovate technologically under the trusted FedEx brand. FedEx Custom Critical, T.N.T. Express, and FedEx Cross Border are all part of the FedEx Express enterprise segment’s quarterly performance.

General information

HQ:942 S Shady Grove Rd, Memphis, TN 38120, United States
Zip Code:38120
Founded:1971 (as Federal Express Corporation)
Founders:Frederick W. Smith
Products:Post delivery, express mail, freight forwarding, third-party logistics.
Subsidiaries:Office, Express, Ground, Freight, Supply Chain, TNT Express, Custom Critical, Trade Networks, Services, FedEx Logistics
Area served:Worldwide
Business data:Google Finance / Yahoo! Finance / SEC filings

What is FedEx?

FedEx Corporation is a holding firm that offers a variety of shipping, e-commerce, and enterprise services. FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, FedEx Services, and Corporate, Other, and Eliminations are its segments.

FedEx Express is a division of FedEx that provides domestic & global delivery service for parcels and cargo. FedEx Ground is a division of FedEx that specializes in small-package ground shipment.

FedEx Freight is a division of FedEx that provides less-than-truckload logistics service for all distances. Services, advertising, technology, marketing, customer support, tech assistance, payment processing services, and some leg functions are all provided by the FedEx Services sector.

Corporate headquarters expenses for board members and other legal and financial duties, and certain additional payments and credits not credited to the corporation’s main business, are consist of the Corporate, Other, and Eliminations sector. Frederick Wallace Smith established the firm on June 18, 1971, and it is based in Memphis, Tennessee.

How FedEx Works

FedEx adds value to packages by delivering them to over 220 countries with “high-value-added” services. The company’s initial slogan best summarises the business strategy: When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight. FedEx ensures speed and reliability with its 652 planes (the most significant global cargo airline) moving more than 4 million parcels per day. Few firms would say such a thing, and FedEx can capture value by constantly delivering on this pledge.

Any corporation could rapidly freight one package by plane from one location to another, but this would be extremely expensive without cost savings. FedEx Express depends on an incredibly effective operating model focused on its airplanes to deliver on its demand service of quick and reliable shipment while maintaining competitive prices. FedEx is recognized as an airline that holds trucks instead of U.P.S., a trucking company with aircraft.

While FedEx Express operates the world’s biggest cargo airline, these planes do not fly direct. Rather than taking off and landing at random times throughout the day, all planes travel through one of FedEx’s 14 main hubs geographically located throughout the world. Rather than flying overhead at random times throughout the day, all aircraft take off and land in waves (4 per day) even in the same periods. This tactical model eliminates W.I.P.’s arrival date because packages are quickly packed, arranged, and reloaded onto outbound aircraft rather than waiting. However, this requires enormous facilities to land, operate, and take-off aircraft, and thus to set, all parcels must be unloaded, organized, and reloaded under tight timelines. As a result, platforms are situated at airports with massive facilities that can handle many airplanes.

FedEx’s “world superhub” in Memphis, Tennessee, is a perfect example of this. Over 1.5 million parcels are sorted each night by 8,000 workers. The Memphis hub is the world’s biggest postal and parcel sorting infrastructure, with 3.3 million packages processed per day. Its productivity is based on a continuous flow system. At night, the Memphis airport seems to be the busiest, with 140 planes landing in a two-and-a-half-hour period during 10:30 p.m. and 1:00 a.m., a processing time of one aircraft every 77 seconds. 10 Unloading takes 35–70 minutes, equating to one shipment of 245 parcels arriving at the hub every 11 seconds. Parcels are positioned on one of three rollers queues based on weight and size and sent to the Matrix, where personnel position parcels face up for barcode scanners.

An automation process of 42 miles of trolleys sends the packages to the relevant planes for outbound loading. The outbound plane launching begins at 2:30 a.m., and almost all of the 140 aircraft have left by 4:30 a.m. The firm’s operating model’s major advantage is its automation systems and effective sorting and airline network.

Where is FedEx headquarters located?

FedEx Headquarters +98 office locations (Updated 2024) (5)

The FedEx Express World Headquarters is a 1.2 million sq ft campus on 102 acres in the southern end of Memphis, with nine residences linked by walkways. The FedEx World Headquarters campus is the company’s first functioning building to achieve green infrastructure certification.

FedEx aspires to be a figurehead in the green building industry, and achieving LEED certification for the W.H.Q. would demonstrate their dedication to environmentally sustainable and friendly practices.

Where is the headquarters for FedEx Ground?

FedEx Ground is a FedEx Corporation division that specializes in package delivery. Its headquarters are in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, a Pittsburgh suburb. It began as Roadway Package System (R.P.S.), a low-cost rival to U.P.S. that capitalized on new Q.R. code, handling of materials, and digital technology. FedEx Ground Services’ 350,000-square-foot H.Q. building is situated on a 115-acre site in Moon Township. Three office sections are linked by a network of shared spaces, service sections, and arched windows in the $41 million structure.


FedEx’s customer service phone number is 1-800-463-3339.

Customer Support Center – Package, Envelope Express Freight

Simply call 1.800.GoFedEx / 1.800.463.3339 if you have any questions about parcels or envelope express shipping in the United States and Canada. The phone number for FedEx in the United States is 1.800. 1.800.463.3339 / Go.FedEx.

How do I contact FedEx corporate?

FedEx Corporation, 942 South Shady Grove Road, Memphis, TN 38120, U.S.A. is the FedEx corporate headquarters address.

How can I talk to FedEx customer service?

3875 Airways, Module H3 Department TN 38116 4634, Memphis, is the FedEx Customer Relations office location. Please dial 1.800.247.4747 if you are looking for FedEx’s U.S. Global Customer Support number.

FedEx Customer Relations’ postal and office addresses are 3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634, Memphis, TN 38116.

The contact phone number for deaf services in the United States is 1.800.238.4461.

The mailing address and office address for FedEx TDD/Hearing Impaired Customer Service Operations are 3885 Airways Blvd. Module J, 2nd floor, Memphis, TN 38116. The Hearing Impaired Receiver Desk can be reached at 1.800.464.0709.

How to make a complaint with FedEx

Needs to call 1.901.369.3600 for FedEx General queries. 1.800.Go.FedEx® is the FedEx Customer Service contact number (800.463.3339).

How do I complain to FedEx U.K.?

  • Contact information for FedEx (U.K.) complaints is in four ways.
  • Visit the Contact and Support Center for Customer Service.
  • Call 08456 070809 or 03456 070809 to reach FedEx Express Customer Support.
  • FedEx U.K. Customer Service can be reached at 08456 000068 or 03456 000068.
  • Email Frederick Smith (C.E.O. at [emailprotected].

FedEx History

Fred Smith was studying at Yale University. He came up with the idea for a worldwide logistics business with other prominent students like future President Bush and Democratic candidate John Kerry.

Smith presented a paper proposing a new idea. A single logistics firm is in charge of every freight from local picking to final delivery while also running its planes, warehouses, post stations, and widespread delivery trucks.

Smith founded Federal Express in 1971 with $4 million inherited from his dad and $91 million in investment funding after graduation from Yale. He founded the business on concepts he created at Yale, focusing on an interconnected air-ground system. He started the company in Arkansas’ Little Rock National Airport, however after two years of poor coordination from the airport, Smith relocated the FedEx Express operation to Memphis, Tennessee, that was Fred Smith’s homeland.

On April 17, 1973, FedEx began air operations from its Memphis airport, using 14 Dassault Falcon 20 large aircraft to transport parcels among 25 cities.

Despite being the most heavily funded new company in U.S. history when it comes to venture capital, the corporation lost money in its first three years of business. The company did not make its first revenue of $3.6 million until 1976, relying on managing 19,000 parcels per day.

Air deregulation

Following the airline business’s deregulation in 1977, the new company could buy big jet planes, allowing it to carry more parcels per day.

Soon after deregulation, Federal Express purchased seven Boeing 727 planes, accompanied by the acquisition of Boeing 737 aircraft. In 1977, the corporation boosted its profit by $8 million on $110 million in revenue. I.B.M. and the United States Air Force, which used Fed Express to ship replacement parts, were among the corporation’s 31,000 regular users. Federal Express went public in 1978, allowing it to raise funds for further expansion. The corporation made a profit of $21.4 million on sales of $258.5 million the year after making it public, shipping 65,000 parcels per day to 89 cities in the United States.

Overnight Delivery’s

As the 1980s progressed, businesses began to rely more heavily on overnight transportation service, shifting away within the Us Postal System. With the introduction of the paper-sized overnight mail, which could hold two ounces of papers for a fixed amount of $9.50, Federal Express actively competed with the USPS. Federal Express now has the most revenues of any U.S. air cargo business, instead of Emery, Airborne Cargo, and Purolator Courier, due to this service.

Acquisitions and International Service

Gelco Express, a Minneapolis-based parcel delivery that covered 84 nations, was FedEx’s first purchase in 1984. FedEx made investments in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates to expand its international markets (U.A.E.). By launching a Western hub at the Brussels airport in 1985, the corporation hoped to establish a global presence and extend its operations to Europe.

Federal Express had landing permits in five international airports outside of the U.s by 1987, including Montreal, Brussels, Toronto, and London, with restricted rights in Tokyo. Tiger International, together with its massive-cargo airline, Flying Tiger Line, was purchased for $883 million to increase its global shipment. Tiger’s lengthy fleet, which included 11 Boeing 727, 22 Boeing 747, and six DC-8 aircraft, was given to FedEx Express.

Competition in the U.S. and Abroad

Federal Express faced competition in the United States in the 1990s from U.P.S., which had implemented discounted rates that lured many of Federal Express’s clients. Federal Express’s international activities were expensive, with financial losses on rising sales due to the high cost of establishing global markets.

The company replaced its Boeing 727 aircraft with Airbus A300 aircraft to expand capacity and cut costs. Federal Express changed its name to “FedEx” in 1994 and a year later acquired Evergreen International’s air routes to begin shipping to China. It also established an Asia and Pacific center at Subic Bay Airport Terminal in the Philippines.
FedEx purchased Caliber Systems in 1998, forming the F.D.X. Corporation. FedEx acquired the good-sized packages carrier R.P.S. (currently FedEx Ground), the less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers Viking Freight (now FedEx Freight West), Caliber Technology, Caliber Logistics, and Roberts Express as part of the Caliber acquisition (currently FedEx Custom Critical).


FedEx also has over 700 airplanes in its portfolio, comprising Boeing 757-200, 767-300F, and 777 Frigates. FedEx is the leading carrier of the Airbus A300, A.T.R. 42, Airbus A310, Cessna 208, Boeing 727, McDonnell Douglas MD-11, and McDonnell Douglas MD-10 aircraft. It has the world’s most significant number of aircraft. In 2016, FedEx replaced all of its Boeing 727-200 planes with Boeing 757 planes, 47% more energy-saving than the 727 planes.

Even though Boeing stopped producing the 757 in 2004, FedEx paid $2.6 billion for used Boeing 757 aircraft from other carriers. FedEx was the first airline to fly the Airbus A380 Freighter, but it canceled its orders after two years of delays. FedEx has replaced requests for the A380F with deliveries for the Boeing 777F.

How did FedEx start?

Frederick W. Smith, a Yale University undergraduate, submitted a term paper in 1965 that created a sector and altered possibility. He outlined the logistical problems that pioneering companies in the digital technologies sector face in the paper. According to Smith, most airfreight shipping companies depended on passenger transport systems, making financial sense for urgent shipping.

He suggested a system developed exclusively for time-sensitive shipping like pharmacy, computer components, and automobiles. Smith’s professor didn’t see Smith’s work’s innovative consequences, as the paper was only given an average score.

Following a military period, Smith purchased a majority stake in Arkansas Aviation Sales in The Little Rock, Arkansas, in August 1971. He experienced personally how tough it would be to get parcels and other airfreight shipped between one to two days while running his new company. Smith set out again to figure out a better way of keeping his master’s thesis insight. Thus was born the concept of Federal Express: a corporation that has revolutionized worldwide business practices and is now synonymous with reliability and speed.

FedEx Company Profile

FedEx Corporation, a parent company, runs via FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Freight. Its FedEx Express unit, which operates out of approximately 2,200 FedEx Office locations, is the world’s leading express transportation supplier, serving more than 220 countries and regions.

It has a portfolio of about 680 planes and over 183,000 cars. FedEx Ground, a smaller-package ground delivery service in North America, complements the express delivery industry, and FedEx Freight, a less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier, transports heavier loads.

FedEx Office locations provide a wide range of document-related and other professional services and serve as retail centers for other FedEx businesses. T.N.T. Express, a part of the corporation, is an international freight carrier and small-package ground delivery firm. It is roughly 70% of the revenue it makes in the United States.

Executives Board Members

Frederick W. SmithChairman and CEO
Rajesh SubramaniamPresident and COO
Mike LenzExecutive Vice President and CFO
Robert B. CarterExecutive Vice President, FedEx Information Services, CIO
Mark AllenExecutive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Jill BrannonExecutive Vice President, Chief Sales Officer
Brie CarereExecutive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Ramona HoodPresident and CEO, FedEx Custom Critical

What is FedEx’s business strategy?

FedEx, the world’s largest logistics and delivery company, uses psychographic and demographic clustering to divide the market into groups of clients with comparable needs and desires.

FedEx uses differentiated, targeted techniques because it serves clients from various segments.

It employs a price placement strategy to identify a particular customer segment with valuable services.

Competitive advantage in the Marketing strategy of FedEx

Modernizing the air fleet: One of FedEx’s competitive benefits has been the modernization of its aircraft fleet, which has helped the company minimize operational costs, architectural costs, fuel costs and improve the effectiveness of its global network. Between 2014 and 2016, it purchased 60 Boeing 757 and 767-300F aircraft.

Emphasis on retail accounts: As a result of technological advancements, shifting lifestyles, and the development of the eCommerce market, FedEx has changed its focus to small to medium-sized customers, avoiding less lucrative accounts, high return on assets (ROA), and boost profit.

SBUs working together: Its Business segments operate separately in the market but collaborate in the meta-market to endorse one another, allowing the company to stay highly competitive ahead of its competition.

Marketing mix of FedEx

The company offers many services to its valued clients and processes nearly 2.4 million package requests per day. FedEx serves consumers worldwide, including Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and North America, 24/7.

Vehicles at their disposal, such as helicopters, play an essential role in delivering timely and effective services. They have a well-trained employee who is hired as desk managers to deal directly with customers. They give you all of the pertinent details about the packages.

It also provides online access for any reservations. It has a well-organized distribution system in place. The parcel or product is obtained from the customer in the first stage. The next step is to provide the appropriate distribution platform for that product, which is determined by the rate that the consumer considers affordable. Finally, the product is shipped to the party in a timely and effective manner.

Its marketing and delivery method is most likely the only reason for its success. It would help if you tracked the courier or package from when it leaves your home or office until it arrives at its destination. FedEx commits and delivers on its commitments. Because of its long history of excellent user experiences, the company has amassed significant brand equity through distribution.

How Does FedEx Make Money?

FedEx makes money from various shipping, e-commerce, and marketing services divided into three categories: FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Freight. FedEx Express, the world’s biggest express shipping company; FedEx Ground, a leading supplier of compact size parcels ground delivery services; FedEx Freight, a global company of LTL freight services, all this make up the company’s earnings.

What Is FedEx SmartPost?

FedEx SmartPost is a shipping service that uses both FedEx’s ground delivery network and the USPS. In this hybrid system, shippers deliver packages to FedEx, in the same manner they would usually. FedEx provides the package through trucks, warehouses, and fulfillment centers.

The final leg of this trip is usually from the last FedEx warehouse to the doorsteps of consumers. On the other hand, FedEx finds this to be the most costly and wasteful part of the trip. Instead of carrying dozens or hundreds of packages at once, drivers must deliver each one individually.

The US Postal Service, on the other hand, runs those house-by-house trips every day. The company’s postal carriers send to every residence in the United States.

FedEx sends packages to the postal service closest to their final destination using SmartPost. The USPS then sends them to customers the following day, usually the next day.

SmartPost should feel similar to FedEx Ground to shippers, according to the firm. The ability of shippers and clients to monitor packages remains unchanged. Picking up packages works in the same way. SmartPost also has a couple of benefits: Shippers now have connectivity to all USPS addresses, including those previously unavailable to FedEx, and no extra local fees.

However, certain sacrifices must be made. SmartPost takes at least one day longer to deliver than conventional ground shipment. The unified tracking service is dependable, so some consumers may be confused if they are unaware that their shipper uses SmartPost. Fees are high everywhere you leave a zip code in the lower 48 states.

How FedEx Smart Post Works

FedEx SmartPost is a new service level offered by FedEx. FedEx uses SmartPost to transport packages throughout its network of warehouses and truck beds. On the other hand, FedEx does not deliver goods to consumers’ doorsteps; instead, it provides them to the nearest post office. USPS delivers SmartPost parcels for their journey’s final leg, dubbed as the “last mile.”

SmartPost is a cost-effective alternative to standard ground shipping that also lowers FedEx’s workload. It’s still slower, and consumers may find it confusing, even though it provides unified tracking.

FedEx SWOT Analysis / Matrix

Strengths in the SWOT analysis of FedEx

Extensive network: FedEx is among the world’s biggest businesses in terms of resources, employment, ranking ninth globally. It employs nearly 3.5 lakh people and has one of the largest distributed systems in the world. It has a position in 220 countries, as well as numerous warehouse storage stores and shops.

Economies of scale: Economies of scale are among the factors why small businesses cannot achieve high margins. If a FedEx truck traveled from point A to point B, it would be more efficient to transport 1000 packages than 200. This is because the price of gasoline and the truck’s rental is now fixed. In any case, the truck is coming. When many packages move in the same direction, economies of scale kick in, lower fixed costs and expand profit margins. FedEx enjoys significant economies of scale due to its well-known brand and the large volume of shipments it receives, reducing fixed costs.

Cost-effectiveness: FedEx can afford a very competitive price due tothe advantage of economies of scale. BlueDart, U.P.S., and several regional players are its main competitors. When it comes to logistics, though, FedEx has one of the best prices on the marketplace.

FedEx has a first competitive edge because of technology: Of course, many logistics firms existed before FedEx. Indeed, FedEx pioneered a system two decades ago that allowed you to track your package and see where it was at any given time. This was very useful to many enterprises in the worth billions of dollars transportation industry. It helped tremendously because FedEx bought many customers who bound up with FedEx due to various monitoring systems. Many businesses also use these monitoring systems.

FedEx has a premium position in the transportation segment due to its coherent performance and extensive distribution network. It also has specialized brands to push premium positioning, such as FedEx customized vital, a FedEx brand that caters to highly urgent, dangerous, or important documents.

Time commitments: One of Fedex’s main benefits is its pledge to deliver on time. It has consistently delivered on this front over the years. If you order an overnight courier with FedEx, the parcel will be placed on your doorstep the next day. That is certain. FedEx operations are so well-managed that on-time delivery has become synonymous with the FedEx brand.

Marketing: In the film Cast Away, one of the most prominent product placements occurs. The story revolved around a FedEx employee who gets lost on an island and spends years living in the wilderness. Aside from that, FedEx has done many clever product placements over the years, turning it into an intelligent thinker.

Weaknesses in the SWOT analysis of FedEx

Damages caused during transportation are among the most severe issues facing any transportation industry, particularly in developed countries. Because the corporation must honor the claims, this directly impacts the company’s bottom line.

Although transportation damages are a reality, FedEx’s claim policies are notoriously lax, and claims are rarely honored. This is becoming increasingly critical as we transition to an E-commerce economy.

Dependence on the United States – While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, relying on a single source of revenue for most income is always a dangerous business proposition. FedEx has wisely recognized this and is attempting to grow at a higher rate.

Concentration is one of the most significant issues in the service industry because differentiation becomes harder as all services quickly accept the differentiation points. Although FedEx is a well-known brand with a strong reputation for reliability, the market is highly fragmented and saturated.

Opportunities in the SWOT analysis of FedEx

FedEx’s main benefits, especially in developing countries, are that the e-commerce boom is catching up, and transportation is in high demand. As a consequence, several packages are coming in every day that the system is at capacity. FedEx now has the resources to handle the E-commerce explosion and a solid competitive rate for becoming a leading company.

While E-commerce refers to online marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, and others, several small businesses are launching their E-commerce websites.

This means that even smaller companies are becoming engaged in point-to-point shipments, raising the average growth potential, particularly in developing countries.

Making processes faster is a core possibility for any business, which can lead to higher consumer satisfaction.

FedEx already has strategic alliances with all major e-commerce businesses. Due to regional competitiveness, however, developed countries receive less publicity. As a result, most strategic partnerships with more companies would result in a larger market share. As a result, the firm’s management push for even more customer retention is critical right now.

List of FedEx subsidiaries

FedEx Headquarters +98 office locations (Updated 2024) (6)

Name of SubsidiaryJurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
Capital Returns, Inc.Wisconsin
Controlled Opportunity and Risk Insurance CompanyTennessee
Easymall B.V.The Netherlands
FCJI, Inc.Ohio
Federal Express (Australia) Pty LtdAustralia
Federal Express Canada CorporationNova Scotia
Federal Express Canada Holding C.V.The Netherlands
Federal Express (China) Company LimitedThe Netherlands
Federal Express CorporationDelaware
Federal Express Europe, Inc.Delaware
Federal Express Holdings (Mexico) y Compania S.N.C. de C.V.Mexico
Federal Express Holding (Netherlands) C.V.The Netherlands
Federal Express Holdings S.A., L.L.C.Delaware
Federal Express Holding U.S. 1, L.L.C.Delaware
Federal Express Holding U.S. 2, L.L.C.Delaware
Federal Express Holding U.S. 3, L.L.C.Delaware
Federal Express Holding U.S. 4, L.L.C.Delaware
Federal Express Holding U.S. 5, L.L.C.Delaware
Federal Express Holding U.S. 7, L.L.C.Delaware
Federal Express Holding U.S. 8, L.L.C.Delaware
Federal Express (Hong Kong) Holding C.V.The Netherlands
Federal Express (Hong Kong) LimitedHong Kong
Federal Express International Financing (Netherlands) C.V.The Netherlands
Federal Express International (France) S.N.C.France
Federal Express International, Inc.Delaware
Federal Express International (Netherlands) C.V.The Netherlands
Federal Express Japan G.K.Japan
Federal Express Korea L.L.C.Korea
Federal Express Leasing CorporationDelaware
Federal Express Netherlands I C.V.The Netherlands
Federal Express Netherlands II C.V.The Netherlands
Federal Express Pacific, L.L.C.Delaware
Federal Express (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.Singapore
FedEx Acquisition B.V.The Netherlands
Fedex Brasil Logistica e Transporte Ltda.Brazil
FedEx Corporate Services, Inc.Delaware
FedEx Cross Border Technologies, Inc.Delaware
FedEx Custom Critical, Inc.Ohio
FedEx de México, S. de R.L. de C.V.Mexico
FedEx Express Belgium International BVBABelgium
FedEx Express Belgium SPRLBelgium
FedEx Express Chile SpAChile
FedEx Express F.R. S.A.S.France
FedEx Express Germany GmbHGermany
FedEx Express Global Holdings C.V.The Netherlands
FedEx Express Hungary Kft.Hungary
FedEx Express International B.V.The Netherlands
FedEx Express Italy S.r.l.Italy
FedEx Express Netherlands B.V.The Netherlands
FedEx Express New ZealandNew Zealand
FedEx Express Servicios de Capital Humano S. de R.L. de C.V.Mexico
FedEx Express South Africa (Pty) LtdSouth Africa
FedEx Express Switzerland SarlSwitzerland
FedEx Express Transportation & Supply Chain Services(India) Pvt. Ltd.India
FedEx Freight Canada, Corp.Nova Scotia
FedEx Freight CorporationDelaware
FedEx Freight, Inc.Arkansas
FedEx Ground Package System, Inc.Delaware
FedEx Ground Package System, Ltd.Wyoming
FedEx Logistics, Inc.Delaware
FedEx Luxembourg S.à r.l.Luxembourg
FedEx Office and Print Services, Inc.Texas
FedEx Office Canada CorporationNova Scotia
FedEx Supply Chain Distribution System, Inc.Pennsylvania
FedEx Supply Chain Holdings, Inc.Nevada
FedEx Trade Networks Trade Services, L.L.C.Delaware
FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage (Canada), Inc.Canada
FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage (Hong Kong) LimitedHong Kong
FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage, Inc.New York
FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage Private LimitedIndia
FedEx Transport System GmbHGermany
FedEx U.K. Holdings LimitedEngland and Wales
FedEx U.K. LimitedEngland and Wales
GD Insurance Company, D.A.C.Ireland
GENCO Infrastructure Solutions, Inc.Delaware
GENCO Marketplace, Inc.Pennsylvania
T.N.T. Australia Pty. LimitedAustralia
T.N.T. Danmark ApSDenmark
TNT Express (Belgium) BVBABelgium
TNT Express Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbHGermany
T.N.T. Express B.V.The Netherlands
T.N.T. Express GmbHGermany
T.N.T. Express Holdings B.V.The Netherlands
T.N.T. Express Holdings Germany GmbHGermany
T.N.T. Express I.C.S. LimitedUnited Kingdom
T.N.T. Express (Ireland) LimitedIreland
TNT Express Nederland B.V.The Netherlands
T.N.T. Express Road Network B.V.The Netherlands
T.N.T. Express Worldwide B.V.The Netherlands
T.N.T. Express Worldwide (China) LimitedChina
T.N.T. Express Worldwide (Euro Hub) SPRLBelgium
T.N.T. Express Worldwide (H.K.) LimitedHong Kong
T.N.T. Express Worldwide Investments LimitedUnited Kingdom
T.N.T. Express Worldwide (Japan) G.K.Japan
T.N.T. Express Worldwide (M) Sdn BhdMalaysia
T.N.T. Express Worldwide (Poland) Sp. z.o.o.Poland
TNT Express Worldwide (Portugal) Transitarios, Transportes e Servicos Complementares, Unipessoal, LdaPortugal
T.N.T. Express Worldwide (Singapore) Private LimitedSingapore
T.N.T. Express Worldwide (Spain), S.L.Spain
T.N.T. Express Worldwide, spol s.r.oCzech Republic
T.N.T. Finance B.V.The Netherlands
T.N.T. Global Express S.R.L.Italy
TNT GRS 2008 LimitedUnited Kingdom
TNT Grundstucksgesellschaft mbH & Co. KGGermany
T.N.T. (H.K.) LimitedHong Kong
T.N.T. Holdings B.V.The Netherlands
TNT Holdings (Deutschland) GmbHGermany
T.N.T. Holdings Luxembourg S.a.r.l.Luxembourg
T.N.T. Holdings (U.K.) LimitedUnited Kingdom
T.N.T. India Private LimitedIndia
TNT International Express Tasimacilik Ticaret Limited SirketiTurkey
TNT Mercurio Cargas e Encomendas Expressas Ltda.Brazil
T.N.T. Nederland B.V.The Netherlands
T.N.T. Skypack Finance B.V.The Netherlands
T.N.T. Skypak (Hellas) LimitedGreece
T.N.T. Suomi OyFinland
TNT Sverige AktiebolagSweden
T.N.T. Swiss Post GmbHSwitzerland
T.N.T. Transport International B.V.The Netherlands
T.N.T. Transport LimitedUnited Kingdom
T.N.T. (U.A.E.) L.L.C.United Arab Emirates
FedEx Express U.K. Transportation LimitedUnited Kingdom
TNT USA, L.L.C.Delaware
World Tariff, LimitedCalifornia

Top 5 biggest FedEx competitors or alternative

FedEx Headquarters +98 office locations (Updated 2024) (7)

1. U.P.S.

Except on Sundays, United Parcel Service, Inc. (U.P.S.) transports packages daily. As per U.P.S.’s latest annual report, the company delivered approximately 21.9 million parcels and documentation per day in 2019, totaling 5.5 billion—a figure unparalleled by anybody else in the industry.

The U.P.S. Store and FedEx Office are retail locations where customers can place separate shipping orders for both the two firms’ respective delivering packages and cargo services. Having certain stores and workplaces also reflects U.P.S. and FedEx’s differing approaches to serving their clients.

2. DHL

DHL Same Day Jetline uses the next flight out to distribute parcels as quickly and efficiently as possible. DHL is a transport company specializing in Same-Day Sprintline, which uses dedicated vans to make deliveries as soon as possible. DHL Express 9 a.m., 10:30 a.m., or 12:00 p.m., which all provide next-day delivery at the specified time. DHL Express Worldwide, which offers next-day shipping to any overseas location by the end of each day. DHL Express Easy, DHL Express Envelope, and DHL Global Mail Business are other DHL delivery choices.

3. X.P.O. Logistics

X.P.O. Logistics, Inc. is a distribution network services supplier with a worldwide reach. Transportation and Logistics are the two business sectors of the firm. Cargo broker, last mile, LTL, complete truckload, and worldwide shipping services are all provided by the Transport industry. The Logistics company comprises agreement logistics services such as incredibly sophisticated and personalized solutions, real worth storage and distribution, cold storage solutions, and other inventory control alternatives. Truck broker and rail transport, drayage, and facilitate products in North America are part of the parcel delivery processes.

4. Owens & Minor

Owens & Minor, Inc. (NYSE: O.M.I.) is the most significant health logistics firm committed to Connecting the Worldwide Medical Products industry to the Point of Service by offering a critical supply chain to public health care providers and suppliers. Owens & Minor provides logistics of a wide range of medical goods, including disposable medical equipment, devices, and replacements. Owens & Minor serves industries where three-quarters of worldwide medical spending is spent, with logistics networks centrally based in the United States and Europe.

5. Royal Mail

The Royal Mail Group plc is a British international postal business and courier firm established in 1516 as an English government agency. Royal Mail Group Limited, a subsidiary of the company, runs the Royal Mail (letters) and Parcelforce Global brands (parcels). Royal Mail Group’s fully acquired subsidiary Major Logistics Systems, is a global logistics firm. For a short period in the 2000s, the band went by the name Consignia.

Is FedEx an excellent long-term investment?

According to the IBD Stock Checkup, FedEx’s earnings-per-share growth has averaged -8 percent over the last three years. During that time, sales increased by an average of 5% per year.

FedEx earnings surged 92 percent to $4.83 per share in the fiscal second quarter, shattering analysts’ expectations. Revenue jumped 19 percent to $20.6 billion, above expectations.

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Consumers are shifting more of their purchases online, and coronavirus vaccinations increase shipping volumes and provide hope for the global economy, so FedEx’s earnings outlook has strengthened. Because demand is rising, FedEx’s pricing power grows and allows it to generate more revenue growth. The Biden new administration is likely to be more pro-trade, and FedEx is a critical player in the Covid-19 vaccine distribution.

However, in its fiscal Q2 report, management acknowledged continued confusion during the pandemic and specifically refused to provide any comprehensive guidance.

FedEx stock isn’t a good buy right now because it isn’t in a purchasing range and hasn’t formed a new trend. They’ve also dropped below their 50-day line.

How to buy shares in FedEx

Platforms for trading stocks are compared. If you’re a novice, look for a platform that offers low commissions, professional ratings, and portfolio tracking tools. Using our comparison table, you can narrow down the best brands.
Create a brokerage account and deposit money into it. Fill out the form with your personal and financial data, such as your I.D. and bank account numbers. You should deposit money into your account using a cash deposit, a bank account, or a bank transfer.

Look up FedEx Corporation on the internet. F.D.X. is the ticker symbol for the stock. Examine its track record to ensure it’s a good fit for your financial objectives.

Invest now or never. Use a sale order to buy now or a limit order to wait until FedEx Corporation exceeds your desired price. Consider dollar-cost averages to extend out your purchasing, which flattens out purchases at consistent intervals and quantities.

Decide on just how many to purchase. Evaluate your budget against a diverse portfolio that will mitigate risk via market highs and lows at the last market value of $279.58. Based on your broker, you could be able to purchase a marginal share of FedEx Corporation.

Keep an eye on your money. Kudos, you now own a piece of FedEx.

What Are Some of the FedEx Hubs in the U.S.?

1. Memphis Super Hub

FedEx Express is a division of FedEx that delivers packages to their locations via transport aircraft. FedEx Express’s main distribution facility is in Memphis, where the company is based. This location is known as the corporation’s “Super Hub,” and it is more significant than those cities. It is even self-contained, with its police and firefighters.

2. FedEx Express Hubs

Although not every FedEx Express parcel passes via Memphis, the bulk of them will do. FedEx Express has 11 additional airport-based facilities that were processing nighttime parcels in parallel to the Super Hub.

Miami, Indianapolis, Dallas, and Oakland, California are among the FedEx Express hubs in the United States. Hubs can also be found in other countries, such as Japan and Canada. Every night, the company’s entire worldwide distribution system processes about 4 million express parcels.

3. FedEx SmartPost Hubs

FedEx SmartPost Hubs are everywhere where FedEx delivers packages.FedEx SmartPost is a FedEx service that lets you send lighter packages to home customers in the United States and its regions quickly but very cost-effectively. Non-urgent parcels must weigh less than 70 pounds. Monday to Saturday, SmartPost is only available to businesses.

FedEx gathers deliveries via SmartPost and transfers them via the hub network to the nearest United States Postal Service (USPS) facility. USPS makes the final delivery.

4. FedEx Ground Hubs

FedEx Ground transports parcels weighing up to 150 pounds to addresses in the United States. Monday to Friday, with shipping times ranging from one to seven working days.

There are nearly 600 FedEx Ground locations in the United States and Canada, comprising 15 hubs.

FedEx Statistics and Facts

It is a significant player in the industry. As per the business news website Transportation Topics, FedEx is the second-largest package/courier company, trailing only U.P.S. FedEx made $69.7 billion in sales last year. The firm employs 475,000 people and has a global presence in over 220 countries.

It has a lot more to contribute than just freight. FedEx Express generates $37.3 billion in revenue in 2019, accounting for nearly half its total revenue. The following most significant parts of FedEx’s company were land shipping and transportation services.

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FedEx is much more than a freight company. FedEx Office offers various paper and enterprise services, while FedEx Logistics provides inventory management, e-commerce innovations, and customs stock brokers. Electronic components repair and 3D printing are two of the company’s most unusual services.

FedEx operates 13 main transportation hubs around the world, including seven in the United States. Anchorage, Greensboro, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Memphis, Newark, and Memphis are among them. FedEx Office has far more than 2,100 stores in the United States, with drop-off and picking at more than 11,400 distributors and 34,000 drop containers.

FedEx claims to be the inventor of express delivery. Frederick W. Smith launched FedEx, then known as Federal Express, in 1971. In its first night of full mode in 1973, the company shipped 186 parcels. FedEx also transports over 15 million containers per business day on average.

Smith is also the C.E.O. and chairman of FedEx’s board of directors. He has been the C.E.O. of FedEx Express since 1998 and the chairman since 1975. From 1998 to 2017, he was the head of FedEx. Smith graduated from Yale University and served in the Marine Corps.


How Does FedEx Make Money

FedEx makes money from various shipping, e-commerce, and marketing services divided into three categories: FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Freight. FedEx Express, the world’s biggest express shipping company; FedEx Ground, a leading supplier of compact size parcels ground delivery services; FedEx Freight, a global company of LTL freight services, all this make up the company’s earnings.

When did FedEx go public?

FedEx came out publicly in 1978, with its future looking bright, trading its first shares on the Stock Exchange. FedEx Corp. has hired Ernst & Young LLP as independent auditor.

How do I get a job at FedEx?

Job seekers can apply online through the company’s employment portal, which can be found on its website. Candidates can create an account with the firm by clicking the Apply Now button after finding a position that interests them.

Is FedEx a Fortune 500 company?

FedEx – Fortune 500 – FDX.

Can I call FedEx to see where my package is?

You can call 1.800. 463.3339 to track your package.

How do I track a FedEx shipment?

Three easy steps to track your shipment:

STEP 1: Go to Home page.

STEP 2: Enter the tracking number in the box located in the center of the page to check the status of your shipments.

STEP 3: Click “TRACK”.


Are FedEx and T.N.T. the same company?

FedEx has purchased T.N.T. Bringing FedEx and T.N.T. together will allow capitalizing from both companies’ capabilities, paving the way for a better world that connects even more businesses and opportunities from around the world.

Should I invest in delivery companies such as FedEx?

FedEx is currently trading at 14 times expected profits and 0.8 times predicted sales, while U.P.S. is trading at 18 times anticipated earnings and 1.6 times predicted sales. FedEx is still a buy now, despite the stock’s recent run-up.


FedEx has become one of the world’s largest and most well-organized corporations today. It is unquestionably a freight industry leader. From scratch, this company’s organization and business practices promote and facilitate an environment in which the company can thrive. FedEx should only be concerned about emerging competitors when it comes to future rivals, as the market is challenging for a startup to flourish.

FedEx’s existing business strategy would enable it to undercut new rivals with limited risk while being one of the shipping industry’s major players. Although the company has blossomed and performed admirably, it cannot become stubborn. New, creative innovations and business practices must be designed and implemented regularly to keep the company ahead of the competition.

Alterations such as an improved security network and a complete tech upgrade of the workforce would allow the company to maintain its global leader in its sector. FedEx has a world-class reputation, and as long as it does not get paranoid and refuses to adapt, it will proceed to be a powerhouse for decades to come.

FedEx Headquarters +98 office locations (Updated 2024) (2024)
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