Did Teen Mom’s Kailyn Lowry Confirm Baby No. 5 With Elijah Scott? Details After Months of Speculation (2024)

Boy mom. Rumors began swirling in July 2022 that Teen Mom 2 alum Kailyn Lowry was pregnant and expecting baby No. 5 with boyfriend Elijah Scott. The former reality star had fans convinced that she'd welcomed a fifth son after dropping multiple clues on social media.

Chris Lopez Seemingly Confirmed Kail’s Baby Boy

The Pride Over Pity author and her ex once again got into an argument over their eldest son Lux’s hair, which spilled over to social media in February 2023 with Kailyn claiming that ex Chris Lopez cut Lux’s hair “to his shoulders” against her wishes.

Did Teen Mom’s Kailyn Lowry Confirm Baby No. 5 With Elijah Scott? Details After Months of Speculation (1)

Chris later went on Instagram Live to defend his decision, saying, “If any of y’all is going to have little boys with long hair to their butt, one, you need to know how to braid, two, you need to make sure you maintain it.”

Kail joined in on Chris’ video to comment, “Chris wanted to do it to hurt me. Not for Lux … cut your own hair bro. Shape your own beard.”

“You wanna talk about me cutting Lux’s hair as if you don’t have another storyline you can talk about but you won’t, right?” Chris responded, seemingly hinting at Kail’s rumored baby.

Following their battles on Instagram Live, Chris further hinted at the Pennsylvania native’s newborn as he commented under a post of their dispute shared via Instagram blogger Teen Mom Chatter.

“At this point it ain’t about the kids … I’ve never seen someone take advantage of someone keeping quiet for so long,” he wrote. “You claim to be so real, so raw, but yet you got a whole newborn you should be focused on.”

Prior to their Instagram feud, the “Coffee Convos” podcast host tweeted about men not claiming their children.

“Is Blake Griffin still denying his son?? Where’s Drake?? Go talk to this man,” she wrote, according to a screengrab shared by Teen Mom Chatter.

Via his podcast page, Chris responded, “This like the pot calling the kettle black [sic],” again alluding to her rumored son.

Fans Find Clues That Kailyn Gave Birth to Baby No. 5

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted multiple clues pointing to Kail’s newborn son in the background of videos shared by the former reality star.

In December 2022, fans spotted a baby mobile and a baby swing behind Kail in a TikTok video as she cleared out her kitchen cabinets. There also appears to be a grey bassinet in the background.

Another fan noticed what appeared to be a baby bottle in a separate video.

“Look at the milk bottle being whisked away and the baby whining in the background! Why is she denying the baby, this is so strange,” the follower tweeted alongside a video of son Creed on January 25.

In July 2023, Kail seemingly confirmed the birth of baby No. 5 during an episode of her "Baby Mamas No Drama" podcast.

"I actually watched ... I first came across your show, I was in the hospital having one of my kids," she told guest Aurora Culpo, referring to her reality showThe Culpo Sisters. Fans were quick to point out that Aurora and sisters Olivia Culpo and Sophia Culpo's TLC series premiered in November 2022, the same month Kailyn was rumored to have given birth to her fifth son.

Kailyn Confirms Birth of Baby No. 5

During an October 2023 episode of her "Barely Famous" podcast, nearly one year after the birth of baby No. 5, Kailyn finally addressed the ongoing rumors. According to Kail, the secrecy surrounding her son's arrival was due to "a show in the works" at the time.

“When I was essentially bamboozled into having to give all of this information to Teen Mom 2 in order to go forward with my new show, I pulled back and said, ‘Never mind. I’m not giving this to Teen Mom 2 in order to get my own show,’” she explained. “This is my own show.”

The mother of five, who revealed that her son with boyfriend Elijah is named Rio, detailed the "traumatic" birth of their baby boy, saying, "He had to go right to the NICU."

"I literally got to hold him for maybe three seconds before they took him to the NICU," she said, adding that he was a "very high risk" pregnancy. "To me, that’s near death … It was traumatizing for me."

How Many Kids Does Kailyn Have?

In addition to Rio, Kail welcomed her first child, son Isaac Rivera, with ex Jo Rivera, while filming 16 & Pregnant in 2010. She later gave birth to baby No. 2, son Lincoln Marroquin, with ex-husband Javi Marroquin before welcoming sons Lux Russell and Creed Romello with Chris.

Did Teen Mom’s Kailyn Lowry Confirm Baby No. 5 With Elijah Scott? Details After Months of Speculation (2024)
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