45+ Best Diy Valentines Gifts from Teachers to Students (2024) (2024)

Is it possible that the right Valentines Day gifts from teachers can encourage a love for learning in students?

You might think, as a teacher, that Valentine’s Day is just another day to keep students engaged and teach them about friendship and caring.

Yet, it’s also an opportunity to enhance their educational journey in a more personal, thoughtful way.

Consider over 45 thoughtful and creative gift ideas that not only express your appreciation for your students but also inspire them to learn.

Let’s explore this subtle art of gift-giving and discover how it can reinforce a positive learning environment.

Here’s the scoop on Valentines gifts from teachers for students!

Personalized Pencil Sets

Imagine gifting your students personalized pencil sets, a practical and creative way to show your appreciation this Valentine’s Day! These aren’t just ordinary pencils.

No, these are Valentines gifts from teachers to students that make a significant impact. They’re the perfect gift, practical yet personal, something your students will use and cherish.

45+ Best Diy Valentines Gifts from Teachers to Students (2024) (2)

Fun Express Personalized Pencils


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You’re not just giving a pencil, but a token of your acknowledgment. It’s a teacher gift that speaks volumes about your commitment to their learning.

As a gift for teachers to give, it’s affordable and meaningful. It’s not just a Valentine gift for students, it’s a tool for success.

After all, gifts for students from teachers shouldn’t be about extravagance but rather, about nurturing potential. So this Valentines Day, make it count with personalized pencil sets, a gift that’ll make a great impression.

DIY Heart-Shaped Crayons

For a colorful and creative Valentine’s Day gift, you can’t go wrong with DIY heart-shaped crayons that are as fun to make as they’re to use! This DIY Valentine’s Day gift is a fantastic way for teachers to show their students some love.

All you need are old or broken crayons, a heart-shaped mold, and an oven. Peel the paper off the crayons, break them into pieces, and place them in the mold.

Bake at a low temperature until the crayons melt, then let them cool. The result? Vibrant, heart-shaped crayons that make a great Valentine gift for kids.

These day gifts from teachers not only encourage creativity but also demonstrate the joy of recycling. So, this Valentine’s Day, surprise your students with this thoughtful, homemade gift!

Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards

Just like the DIY heart-shaped crayons, there’s another creative way you can express your affection to your students this Valentine’s Day – by crafting handmade Valentine’s Day cards.

Here’s how:

  1. Print as many designs as you need on card stock. This provides a sturdy base for your cards.
  2. Use a pen to add a personal touch. Write your name, a sweet message, or a fun Valentine’s Day pun. Don’t worry if you make a mistake; that’s what the eraser is for!
  3. Add a small gift card or other token inside. Place the cards in gift bags for a festive touch.

Your students will love receiving these thoughtful, handmade valentine’s day cards. It’s a simple, yet meaningful way to show them you care.

Squishy Mini Toys

Another charming idea for Valentine’s gifts from teachers to students is adorable mini plush toys. These perfect little presents are a great gift to show appreciation and love for your students.

Just imagine their faces lighting up as they receive these super cute toys!

As a teacher, you’re always looking for ways to make your students feel special, and these mini toys are a surefire way to do just that.

They’re not just gifts for special occasions, they’re also the ideal little gift to give to your students any day to reinforce your bond.

Craft Supplies Kits to Make Bracelet and Other Cool Things

Crafting kits are an excellent choice for Valentine’s gifts from teachers to students. Not only do they promote creativity, but they also foster love and friendship among classmates.

Here are fantastic craft supplies kits that’d make delightful Valentine’s Day treats:

  1. Bracelet Crafting Kit: This lets your students create friendship bracelets for each other, cementing bonds while having fun.
  2. Play-Doh Set: An all-time favorite, this kit allows you to to mold their affection for each other into tangible, squishy shapes.

These kits are more than just gifts; they’re tools for learning and expressing love this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Stickers

While we’re on the topic of creativity, let’s not forget the joy and excitement that Valentine’s Day stickers can bring to your students! They’re not just the cutest, but also fun, easy, and cheap.

Imagine the sparkle in their eyes when they find these little love signs.

Students will love getting involved and it’s a great gift for teachers as well. It’s also a wonderful way to infuse a bit of learning into the celebration.

Classroom Decor Gifts for the Best Valentines Day

Building on the idea of fun and creativity, let’s consider the impact of classroom decor gifts for Valentine’s Day.

As a teacher, it’s your time to show your love bugs just how special they are. Think about how their faces will light up when they see their favorite teachers going above and beyond.

Here are three easy ideas:

  1. Candy Bar: Sprinkle mini candy bars around the classroom. Attach a little note to each one, expressing your appreciation.
  2. Lollipop Lesson Plans: Create lesson plans around the theme of lollipops. It’s a sweet and educational treat!
  3. Love Bug Day Parties: Plan a party with heart-shaped decorations and love bug crafts.

Classroom decor gifts can transform day parties into memorable experiences. So, sprinkle some love this Valentine’s Day!

Healthy Snack Packs

Ditch the sugary treats this Valentine’s Day and spread love with nutritious snack packs that your students will surely relish! You can hand write a sweet message on editable labels that won’t break the bank.

Don’t worry about making any mistakes; you can always erase and start over. Nothing beats the joy that a healthy, personalized gift brings.

Keep this Valentine’s Day educational, exciting, and healthy!

Valentine’s Coloring Books And Printable Pages

Unleash your students’ creativity this Valentine’s Day with interactive coloring books, a perfect gift to keep their artistic spirits high!

These coloring books are more than just paper and images; they’re a doorway to a world of imagination, creativity, and fun.

Here’s why they make the ideal Valentine gift:

  1. Inclusive Fun: Coloring books aren’t just for kids who love art, they’re for everyone! They can be enjoyed with colorful ballpoint pens or even simple pencils.
  2. Creativity Booster: Encourage your students’ artistic skills. Coloring can also be a calming activity, almost like a fidget toy for those with restless hands.
  3. Educational Value: Coloring books can help improve focus, hand-eye coordination, and color recognition.

Cute Eraser Collection

While your students are busy enhancing their artistic skills with coloring books, why not add a touch of whimsy to their pencil cases with a cute eraser collection?

These aren’t just any erasers, they’re adorable miniatures of animals, fruits, or even little vehicles. They’re not only practical but also fun and engaging.

45+ Best Diy Valentines Gifts from Teachers to Students (2024) (11)

Valentines Erasers for Kids Bulk


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Imagine their delight when they pull out a tiny pig or a juicy strawberry to correct a mistake. It’s an easy way to make learning fun and foster creativity.

Plus, they’ll love the surprise of discovering which designs they’ve received.

Heart-Shaped Balloons

Have you ever thought about the joy that heart-shaped balloons can bring to your students on Valentine’s Day? They’re a fun decoration and a symbol of love and appreciation that can brighten up any classroom.

  1. Symbol of Love: Heart-shaped balloons serve as a visual reminder of the love that binds the school community together. They foster a sense of belonging among your students.
  2. Classroom Decor: These balloons can instantly transform your classroom into a festive place. They’re colorful and fun, making learning more engaging.
  3. Affordable Gift: They’re budget-friendly, making them an ideal gift for each student.

Customized Classroom Posters

Moving from the cheerful ambiance of heart-shaped balloons, let’s explore another creative and personalized way to express your affection for your students – customized classroom posters.

Imagine the delight on your students’ faces when they walk into a classroom adorned with posters that have been specially designed just for them!

You could create posters that highlight individual achievements, or ones that simply say, ‘You matter to me’.

This not only cultivates a nurturing learning environment but also boosts morale and fosters a sense of belonging. You can even involve your students in this process, making it an engaging class project.

Educational Board Games

Diving into the realm of educational board games, let’s consider the joy and excitement they can bring to your classroom while enhancing your students’ learning experience.

As Valentine’s gifts, these games can spark a love for learning that’s both fun and interactive.

Consider these games as potential gifts:

  1. Sequence for Kids: Develops strategic thinking. Plus, it’s super easy to learn.
  2. BrainBox World History: Encourages memory retention and knowledge about global history. It’s educational and entertaining!

Story Books Collection

Just as board games can captivate your students’ hearts and minds, a collection of story books can do wonders in sparking their imagination and nurturing their love for reading this Valentine’s Day.

Consider gifting a diverse selection that caters to all reading levels and interests. You’ll be amazed at how much they’ll appreciate their own little library!

45+ Best Diy Valentines Gifts from Teachers to Students (2024) (14)

Little Blue Truck's Valentine


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03/07/2024 01:26 pm GMT

Choose story books that are fun, inspiring, and educational. It’s not just about entertainment, it’s also an opportunity to enhance their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Science Experiment Kits

Unleash your students’ inner scientists with engaging science experiment kits this Valentine’s Day! These kits aren’t just fun, but they’re educational and exciting gifts that can spark a lifelong love for science.

Here’s why:

  1. Hands-on Learning: Experiment kits make abstract scientific concepts tangible. They’ll stimulate your students’ curiosity and encourage them to explore.
  2. Skill Development: These kits help develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and observation skills. They’ll be learning without even realizing it.
  3. Engaging and Fun: Science doesn’t have to be boring. These kits bring the fun factor while teaching important concepts.

Valentine’s Day Puzzles

Let’s shake things up this Valentine’s Day with mind-boggling puzzles that your students will absolutely love!

Puzzles aren’t just fun, they’re also great tools for boosting critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Why not treat them to a heart-shaped jigsaw puzzle with an educational twist? Or perhaps a Valentine-themed crossword or word search to enhance their vocabulary?

You could even create a love-themed Sudoku or a maze with a heart at the end. The possibilities are endless!

Remember, it’s not about the complexity; it’s about the joy of discovery and the satisfaction of finding a solution.

Math Flashcards

Building on the theme of fun learning, consider incorporating math flashcards into your Valentine’s Day gifting!

These handy tools not only make studying enjoyable but will also help your students master their numbers in no time.

Let’s delve into why math flashcards make great gifts:

  1. Versatility: They can be used in class, at home, or even on the go.
  2. Engaging: They add a fun twist to regular math lessons, making learning an exciting experience.
  3. Effective: They help students practice and reinforce math skills, which boosts their confidence.

Music Instrument Toys

Dive into the world of rhythm and melody with music instrument toys, a fantastic Valentine’s gift that can spark your students’ interest in music while enhancing their cognitive skills.

You’ll be amazed by how these toys can turn a regular classroom into an exciting music studio!

From mini keyboards to percussion sets, there’s a wide range of selections you can choose from.

They’re not just fun, they’re also educational, helping to develop hand-eye coordination, listening skills, and even basic math abilities.

Personalized Student Notebooks

Imagine gifting your students personalized notebooks, a Valentine’s Day gift that not only enhances their learning experience but also gives them a sense of ownership and pride in their work.

Personal Touch: Have each notebook feature the student’s name or initials. It’s a simple gesture that shows you care about them as individuals.

Educational Themes: Incorporate themes related to the subjects they’re studying. It can motivate them to engage more with the content.

Inspirational Quotes: Include a motivational quote on the cover or inside. It can act as a daily reminder that with hard work and dedication, they can achieve their goals.

Such a thoughtful gift can make your students feel special and valued, while also promoting a love for learning.

Classroom Plant Gifts

Continuing with the theme of unique and meaningful gifts, why not consider giving your students their very own classroom plants but in LEGO style or real plants?

What a delightful way to foster a love for nature and responsibility!

You can choose low-maintenance plants like succulents or snake plants that’ll be easy for the kids to manage.

Imagine their excitement as they watch their little plant grow and thrive, mirroring their own academic progress.

It’s not just a plant; it’s a living, breathing symbol of their growth and potential.

You could also use these plants to teach practical lessons about science and the environment.

DIY Origami Kits

For your next Valentine’s gift, why not consider DIY origami kits for your students? It’s a fun, creative, and engaging way to stimulate their minds while developing fine motor skills.

These kits aren’t only affordable but also easily customizable to suit each student’s abilities and interests.

Here are three reasons why DIY origami kits make fantastic Valentine’s gifts:

  1. Creativity Booster: Origami fosters creativity and imagination, letting students turn a simple piece of paper into beautiful art.
  2. Educational: It’s a hands-on way to learn geometry, fractions, and spatial relationships.
  3. Mindfulness Tool: The focus required for origami can help students relax, reduce stress, and increase concentration.

Let’s delight your students with this thoughtful, educational, and fun Valentine’s gift!

Miniature Globe Keychains

Moving from paper art to worldly wonders, let’s explore the idea of gifting miniature globe keychains to your students this Valentine’s Day.

These tiny tokens won’t only be a fun surprise, but also a gentle reminder of the vast, diverse world that awaits their curiosity.

You can even make it educational by encouraging your students to identify countries and continents! Imagine the excitement that’ll spark in their eyes.

Miniature globe keychains are affordable, durable, and carry a strong message: the world is in their hands, ready to be discovered and cherished.

So go ahead, let’s inspire a sense of global responsibility and love for learning with these perfect Valentine’s gifts.

After all, isn’t that what teaching’s all about?

Special Edition Comics

How about gifting your students special edition comics this Valentine’s Day to ignite their imagination and love for reading? This thoughtful, fun gift can:

45+ Best Diy Valentines Gifts from Teachers to Students (2024) (23)

Create Your Own Comic Book


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03/07/2024 09:42 pm GMT

  1. Spark Creativity: Comics stir up a world of imagination and can inspire your students to create their own stories.
  2. Encourage Reading: For those who may shy away from traditional books, comics provide an engaging alternative that’s full of vibrant illustrations and gripping narratives.
  3. Introduce Multicultural Perspectives: Many comics feature characters from diverse backgrounds, offering an opportunity to learn about different cultures.

Valentine Personalized Bookmarks

Embrace the joy of reading this Valentine’s Day by gifting your students personalized bookmarks. This simple yet thoughtful token shows your appreciation for their unique personalities and reading habits.

By giving personalized bookmarks, you’ll not only be fostering their love for literature, but also making them feel special and valued.

Consider adding their names, favorite quotes, or even little illustrations that reflect their interests. You could collaborate with a local artist or use an online platform to create these personalized bookmarks.

Personalized Gift Card

Make each gift card unique by personalizing it for individual students. Include their names, a short message, or even inside jokes. This extra effort shows that you’ve put thought into each card, making them more meaningful.

Consider attaching a small treat or token of appreciation along with the gift card. It could be a piece of chocolate, a candy bar, a heart-shaped cookie, or even a small flower.

Valentines Day Themed Tice-Tac-Toe

Creating a Valentine’s Day-themed Tic-Tac-Toe DIY game for students is a fun and engaging activity that adds a touch of love to a classic game.

Here’s a simple guide on how to make Valentine’s Day Tic-Tac-Toe for students:

  1. Large square piece of paper or cardboard
  2. Markers or colored pens
  3. Small heart-shaped stickers or cutouts (alternatively, you can draw hearts)
  4. Ruler
  5. Scissors

Creating a Valentine’s Day-themed Tic-Tac-Toe DIY game is a wonderful way to combine creativity, fun, and the spirit of the holiday. It fosters a sense of joy among students while providing an opportunity for them to engage in a classic game with a festive twist.

Heart Shaped Treat Bags as a Valentine Gift

Start by choosing heart-shaped treat bags as the base for your Valentine’s Day gift. These can be found at craft stores or online.

Alternatively, you can use plain cellophane bags and cut them into heart shapes.

Fill each bag with a selection of Valentine-themed treats. Choose an assortment of chocolates, candies, or heart-shaped cookies.

Consider the preferences and dietary restrictions of the students.

Seal the treat bags securely. If the bags come with twist ties, use them.

You can also use decorative ribbons or twine to tie a bow around the top of each bag.

Valentine Themed Scrabble Game

Designing a Valentine-themed Scrabble game for students is a creative and educational way to celebrate the holiday. Scrabble is not only fun but also enhances vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

Cut heart-shaped tiles from red, pink, and white construction paper. Ensure they are roughly the same size as the original Scrabble tiles.

These will replace the traditional square tiles for this themed game.

On each heart-shaped tile, write a letter using markers or colored pens. Make sure to include common letters used in Scrabble games.

Gift Idea for Students: DIY Glow Stick with Straw

Creating a DIY glow stick for Valentine’s Day is a unique and exciting project that can add a touch of magic to the celebration. This creative and interactive craft is not only fun to make but also provides a visually stunning element.

Here’s a simple guide on how to craft your own glow sticks for students:

  1. Clear plastic drinking straws (one for each glow stick)
  2. Glow stick liquid (available at craft stores)
  3. Small, heart-shaped containers or molds
  4. Glitter (optional)
  5. Colored ribbons
  6. Craft glue
  7. Scissors
  8. Small funnel (optional)

Start by selecting small, heart-shaped containers or molds to shape your DIY glow sticks. You can find these at craft stores or use silicone molds.

Ensure they are small enough to resemble a glow stick but large enough to hold the liquid.

Cut the clear plastic drinking straws into lengths that fit inside the heart molds. You’ll need one straw for each glow stick. Make sure the straws are straight and free from any bends or kinks.

Follow the instructions on the glow stick liquid packaging to prepare the solution. If the liquid comes with a small funnel, use it to fill the straws in the molds. If not, carefully pour the liquid into the straws.

Present the DIY glow sticks to students as a delightful Valentine’s Day gift. You can distribute them during a class party, attach them to valentine cards.

Final Thoughts: Valentine Gifts for Students

These DIY Valentine gifts for students are a heartwarming way to foster a sense of love, creativity, and connection within the classroom.

These handmade tokens of affection go beyond traditional store-bought gifts, embodying the thoughtfulness and effort put into creating something special.

Whether it’s personalized gift cards, heart-shaped treat bags, Valentine-themed Scrabble games, or glowing surprises, these DIY projects allow students to express their creativity and celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s Day in a memorable and meaningful way.

So, give these ideas a whirl and make this Valentine’s Day extra special for your beloved students!

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45+ Best Diy Valentines Gifts from Teachers to Students (2024) (2024)


What do teachers give students for Valentines Day? ›

Straws, candy, heart mazes are all great options that won't break the bank! As much as I love getting little gifts for my students, I also love treating my teammates and co-workers. In my opinion, this is one of the best gifts you can give to someone! Chips and salsa or chips and guacamole!

How to make the best Valentine gift? ›

For the novice crafters, start with simple projects like making a floral arrangement in a paper bag planter or perhaps a card from scratch with a sweet haiku. If you want to get more hands on, the world is your oyster as you can tackle activities like baking, knitting, or abstract painting.

What is the most gifted thing on Valentine's Day? ›

Highlights: Most Popular Valentines Day Gifts Statistics

52% of Valentine's Day gift-givers buy candy, making it the most gifted item. 36% of people gift flowers on Valentine's Day. Jewelry is the second most popular gift, with 21% of people opting for it. About a third of people plan a special dinner for the holiday.

What do you say to students on Valentine's Day? ›

10 JAW DROPPING Valentine's Messages for Students 2023
  • “To Me, You're Perfect” – Love Actually. ...
  • “The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn Is Just To Love And Be Loved In Return” – Moulin Rouge! ...
  • 3.”I Love You On Your Good Days.
Jan 26, 2023

How to Valentine Day 2024? ›

Valentine's Day 2024: Unique date ideas to celebrate the day of love and build intimate memories with your partner
  1. Recreate your first date with your partner and relive some fond memories. ( Pexels)
  2. Go on a romantic bike ride with them. ( Pexels)
  3. Enjoy a spa day with your partner at home. ( Pexels)
Feb 14, 2024

How do you make Valentine's special on a budget? ›

Valentine's Day On A Budget
  1. 2| Flowers From The Heart. ...
  2. 3| Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt. ...
  3. 4| Recreate Special Memories. ...
  4. 5| Best Friends Date Night. ...
  5. 7| Create An Edible Bouquet. ...
  6. 8| Valentine's Day Playlist. ...
  7. 9| Create A Valentine's Photo Book. ...
  8. 10| Pancakes in Bed.

What are some good Valentine's gifts? ›

Whichever gift you choose, make sure to order it as soon as possible, to avoid any last-minute panic shopping.
  • Lego Icons Bouquet of Roses. ...
  • Kate Spade Love Shack Heart Crossbody. ...
  • Baked by Melissa Valentine's Day Love Gift Box. ...
  • Godiva Chocolatier Valentine's Day Heart.
Feb 12, 2024

What is the best surprise for Valentine's Day? ›

How to surprise your partner this Valentine's Day
  • Create your own planetarium. ...
  • co*cktail making. ...
  • Learn together. ...
  • Bar crawl. ...
  • Recreate your first date. ...
  • Breakfast in bed. ...
  • Update the classic mix-tape. ...
  • A trail of sweet nothings. From the bedroom to bathroom, leave romantic notes for your loved one to find.
Jan 26, 2024

What is the second most popular gift on Valentine's Day? ›

If you're unsure about what to get your special someone for Valentine's Day, the survey says that the most traditional gifts are the most desired: 48% want a nice dinner at a restaurant. 34% want chocolates. 31% want flowers.

What are the top 5 items sold for Valentines Day? ›

What to Sell on Valentine's Day?
  • Chocolates/Sweets. Nearly 30% of US adults wished to receive chocolate and sweets on this occasion. ...
  • Flowers. How can we celebrate Valentine's Day without a luxurious bouquet of roses? ...
  • Gift Cards/Vouchers. ...
  • Clothing. ...
  • Perfumes. ...
  • Valentine's Day Cards. ...
  • Jewelry. ...
  • Lingerie.
Jan 16, 2024

What is the most popular Valentine's candy? ›

Chocolate is the most popular candy for Valentine's Day for a reason. These delicious treats pair perfectly with any gift. Give chocolates alongside flowers or stuffed animals. You could also gift them as a dessert after a fancy dinner, or to go with a nice bottle of wine.

What do we do on Valentine's Day at school? ›

Fun Valentine's Day Activities for Elementary Students
  • Have a month-long kindness challenge. ...
  • Exchange notes of kindness. ...
  • Have a door-decorating contest. ...
  • Read some Valentine's Day books. ...
  • Make a heart collage. ...
  • Craft up some Valen-slime. ...
  • Set up a candy heart estimation jar. ...
  • Do a crystal heart science experiment.
Jan 29, 2024

How do schools celebrate Valentines Day? ›

Celebrating Valentine's Day with Letters of Kindness

February is the month of kindness. Focus on being kind by writing kind letters to classmates. These letters can be tied to the curriculum by focusing on friendly letter writing skills. The teacher can assign students in pairs to write letters to each other.

Do teachers get gifts on Valentine's Day? ›

So you've rounded up Valentine's gifts for all the kids in classroom, but don't forget to get a gift for your kid's teacher. Teachers spend time with your kids all day — and that should already tell you that even a little something can go a long way to show how much you appreciate them.

Are you supposed to get teachers Valentines gifts? ›

Valentine's Day is an opportunity to show the people in your life how much you care—including teachers! So after you've checked off your shopping list of Valentine's Day gifts for her or Valentine's Day gifts for him, be sure to pick up a little something for the teacher in your life, too.

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